Strength Training For Runners

Made Simple

A monthly guide on how to stay strong & prevent injury

Learn how to strength train effectively to create resiliency with running

Master how to implement strength training into your routine with any time or equipment restraints. This program is excellent for busy women runners of any level and those who want to prevent and stay injury free. Create confidence with weights and feel stronger while running.

The Strength Training for Runners Difference

Programming is efficient, effective, easy to follow and curated by a Doctor of Physical Therapy who works exclusively with runners.

  • Guided 3 days per week strength programming that is updated each month

  • 1x a month live & recorded Q&A with Dr. Sarah to answer questions on strength training, running, or injury guidance

  • Pictures and modifications of each exercise

  • Video and Guidebook tutorials on how to read and implement training

Are you Ready to Become a More Resilient Runner?

With integration of a regular strength training program curated for runners, research shows an increase bone/tissue qualities and capacity to running demands. Become more resistant to injury utilizing the modifications of each exercise that feels best for you.

Meet the Creator

Dr. Sarah Louie

  • Fellowship trained Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Exclusively works with women runners

  • Also an adamant runner and strength trainer with hip pathology

Strength Training for Runners Made Simple is Value Packed!

  • Fresh, new exercise programming each month

  • Introductory guidebook and video tutorial on how to read and implement the program

  • Exclusive Facebook group for members to create community and accountability

  • Personal profile for each member to access programming

  • Extra goodies such as interviews, checklists, and articles uploaded to your profile each month

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